The Icelandic FinTech Cluster is born

19/10/18 09:00

Managing Director, IBF

Kristjan Mikaelsson

Managing Director, IBF

Wednesday was a big day for the Icelandic Blockchain Foundation. Not only did we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin, but we also became a founding member of the newly formed Icelandic FinTech Cluster. The cluster is a massive effort by Gunnlaugur Jónsson that includes some of the most powerful financial companies in Iceland, including the big banks as well as startups in the space. Overall, 70 entities are participating in the effort.

We are looking forward to the cooperation and strengthening of the FinTech ecosystem in Iceland. The blockchain is swiftly becoming an essential piece of the technology stack, and we are excited to see how it will affect the Icelandic FinTech ecosystem.